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Chinese Community Center of Capital District of New York


CCC Yang Liu Qing Lunar New Year Art Exhibition & Opening ceremony





在过程中,华社更是精心准备了“寻龙祈福”“填色作画〞等欢乐喜庆的现场活动,欢迎父母们带孩子参加。 届时将有天津文化商会提供的书画家亲笔手书的<福><龙>作品,做为活动的奖品礼品,为大家助兴。


2月3号 9am-5pm

2月4号 9am-5pm


画展开幕式时间: 2月2号星期五晚上5:30-7:30点

地点:华社 (11 Avis Dr, Latham,12110)


New Year's painting (Chinese:年画) emerged in Song Dynasty (960-1279) and took shaped and prevailed in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It is a delighted art form among Chinese people especially in countryside in the history and usually are pasted on doors, windows and walls as decorations during the Spring Festival to wish a propitious year. https://youtu.be/HcE5nF02TgY?si=3mgHmtj7nG2oYk0k

Art work from a millennium ancient town in Tianjin Yangliuqing Town (Chinese:杨柳青镇) , an old timer in making of New Year Paintings with a long history. Even today, there are about two fifths of the residents in the town still operate this painting business. Hailed as a treasure of traditional Chinese folk art as well as the first of the Four Chinese Wood Engraving New Year's Paintings, Yangliuqing New Year's Painting boasts for its distinctive art features, wide range of subjects, rich and complicated content and auspicious implied meaning.

At the opening ceremony, there will also be traditional Chinese musical performances featuring instruments such as the Pipa, Guzheng, and Bamboo Flute.

Art Exhibition hours:

Saturday Feb. 3rd 9am-5pm

Sunday Feb 4th 10am-6pm

Monday Saturday 5th 10am-12pm

Opening ceremony : Feb 2nd 5:30-7:30pm with performances and food vendor

Location: Chinese Community Center (11 Avis Dr, Latham,12110)

Registration required: https://forms.gle/cKAsCUHrnLSFw1wk8

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