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Chinese Community Center of Capital District of New York

Chinese Community Center Peking Opera Academy student registration open

In 1790, the Hui Troupe came to Beijing to celebrate the birth of Emperor Qianlong and Peking Opera was born. Later, Empress Dowager Cixi was the main force in promoting the development of Peking Opera. Peking Opera is highly praised in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Peking Opera pays attention to "singing, chanting, and fighting", and "man, woman, strong man, jester". Each category has its own sect. The Dan (female character) in the civil opera is gentle and tender, the Lao Sheng (male character) is cadenced, the Jing (strong male character) is hearty and bold, and the Wu (martial arts character) is lively and clever.

Peking Opera teacher Linghui Tu: professor at the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts, graduate school mentor; Chinese National Tier-One Performer and director; winner of the 4th Plum Blossom Award and the 1st Wenhua Performance Award, the highest level award in Chinese Theatre in China; teacher at the Center for Theater Arts Collaboration at Binghamton University.

CCC Peking Opera Academy first semester (September 23 – December 2, 2023) has ended. Watch the delightful mid-term performance here: https://youtu.be/fXiKUCF-s88

The second semester of this academic year will start on January 20, 2024, the graduation performance will be on May 4. Students are asked to choose the course or discount package that suits them. Tuition fees for this semester are divided into two stages, before winter break and after winter break. Tuition fees must be paid in the first week of each stage. You can pay a separate fee to take a trial class in the first week of school. Credit cards are not accepted for tuition. Please pay by check or cash. Maximum 10 people per class.

Class opening: Saturday, January 20, 2024

Spring Festival Gala: February 11, 2024 (The Egg)

Graduation Performance: May 4, 2024

Courses offered:

I: Adult class every Saturday morning (teens 15 yr and older, adults & senior)

A: Vocal training:

"Little River Flowing Water", "Swan Geese" and "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau" are all familiar old songs. If you want to sing them well, you need some skills. Vocal music teacher Tu teaches how to breathe abdominally, how to train the vocal cords, break through bottlenecks, release sounds, and turn your body into an audio speaker. Time: Every Saturday 9:00 – 10:00am Location: CCC (11 Avis Dr, Latham 12110)Tuition: CCC members $25/week, non-members $30/week

B. Tsing Yi - Main Female Role training (15 yrs old and above)

"The Drunken Lady", "Ode to the Pear Blossom" and "Mu Guiying Takes the Command" are all typical Tsing Yi characters. Tsing Yi is dignified, elegant and noble. No matter your age, if you put on the sleeves and look back with a smile, you will be full of charm. Time: Every Saturday 10:10 – 11:10am Location: CCC (11 Avis Dr, Latham 12110)Tuition: CCC members $25/week, non-members $30/week C. Posture and Movement training (15 and above)The opera water sleeves are flowing like clouds and flowing water, as graceful as a giant dragon, and can be retracted and unfolded freely, which can well express people's emotions: the round fan is gentle, elegant, noble and bright; the folding fan is fast-paced, gorgeous and lively. Learning these can not only learn traditional culture and exercise, but also cultivate a person's overall temperament. Time: Every Saturday 11:20 – 11:20am Location: CCC (11 Avis Dr, Latham 12110)Tuition: CCC members $25/week, non-members $30/week

Enjoy water sleeves video: https://youtu.be/S3DDCCDw16w?si=QZkc6WWZtL0_-tPX

Discounted rate on Peking Opera packages this semesterCCC member: 2 classes a week: $40, 3 classes a week: $60, choose from any courseNon-member: 2 classes a week: $50, 3 classes a week: $75, choose from any course II. Peking Opera Character training every Saturday afternoon (Lao Sheng – Gentleman, Hua Lian (male Judges & Generals) Zhuge Liang in "The Empty City Strategy" and Yang Zirong in "Through the Forest and Across the Snowfield" are both veteran characters in Peking Opera. Laosheng's singing method is to sing with his own natural speaking voice, which is suitable for the alto range of his voice, regardless of gender. Wang Peiyu is a female Lao Sheng performer who is popular in mainland China. The bold and powerful painted face is most suitable for men with abundant energy. This course can be taken by men/women/adults/children. Time: Every Saturday 4:10 – 5:10pm Location: CCC (11 Avis Dr, Latham 12110)Tuition: CCC members $25/week, non-members $30/week

III. Lessons for Children and Teens (5-13 yrs old)

Whether it is Western ballet, gymnastics, or Chinese martial arts, all require flexibility and stability of children's waist and legs. This requires regular training to be effective. These are also the requirements for the basic skills of Peking Opera. The "blanket exercise" in "Singing, Chanting, Doing and Fighting" is an excellent opportunity to train flexibility and somersaults. Wooden spears and sticks in various sizes "Ba Zi Gong" are also a favorite teaching tool for children.


The course is divided into two parts and students are required to attend both parts.Tuition: CCC members $35/week, non-members $40/week. Siblings taking lessons together, CCC members $60/week, non-members: $70/week

Physical Fitness training

Time: Every Saturday 1:45 – 2:45pm Location: Chinese Martial Art Academy (3 Johnson Rd, Latham 12110)


Vocal training

Time: Every Saturday: Boys 3-3:30pm, Girls 3:30-4pm

Location: CCC (11 Avis Dr, Latham 12110)

Registration please contact: executive.team@cccalbany.org

To become CCC member and enjoy discount from numeous local restaurants and businesses:


Enjoy Peking Opera performances:

Singer Yu Kewei performs Peking Opera "Selling Water" Lao Sheng (Gentleman) Wang Peiyu and the children’s Peking Opera class perform “Three Kingdoms Performing Arts”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL-K5ytK0gs Actor Wang Yibo studies Peking Opera Zhao Zilong: https://youtu.be/CStfqyfgi1o?si=qXTK5u2m_jmWBATw

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