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Chinese Community Center of Capital District of New York

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Upcoming major events

    • 04 May 2024
    • 5:15 PM
    • 31 Dec 2024
    • 7:30 PM
    • 11 Avis Dr. Latham, NY
    • 22

    CCC Building Renovation Fundraising Campaign

    The Chinese Community Center (CCC) was founded in 1973 and serves over 10,000 Chinese Americans in the Capital Region. Since its grand opening in 2006, generations of Chinese, Chinese Americans and non Chinese who are interested in Chinese language and culture have been celebrating and bonding in the current building located on 11 Avis Dr, Latham.

    Post pandemic, CCC has evolved into one of the major multi-culture ambassadors in the Capital Region.  During 2024 Lunar New Year, CCC performed 10 Lunar New Year and multi-culture events during the 2 months of the festival period, including 3 libraries ( Colonie, Guilderland, Clifton Park), 3 elementary school (Forts Ferry, Boght Hill, Woodland Hill Montessori), and 2 high schools (Albany High, Schenectady High) along with a Lunar New Year Art Exhibition.

    In addition to its Sunday Chines School, CCC also operates 10 on going weekly activities and clubs:  3 dance clubs including (Folk dance, Square dance, Tai Chi Fa), Math club for grade K-10, Calligraphy class, Ping Pong Club, Body sculpture club, CCC choirs and CCC Peking Opera Academy. We also work closely with other local organizations including Festival of Nations, ICCR, Capital District Chamber of Commerce and APAPA.

    CCC also celebrates most of the traditional Chinese holidays such as Lantern festival, Dragon Boat festival and Moon Cake Festival. Our Lunar New Year Show in the Egg was a sold out show and 45% of attendees were non Chinese. A CCC Year Of the Dragon Show 1 min recap can be seen at this link: https://youtu.be/lfqGCb0cjBg

    With its growing number of members and its ongoing activities and events, CCC needs to conduct a major building renovation, so that we can better utilize the space for our growing needs that serve the thousands of people who participate in  CCC activities and events in our building every year.  The estimate to this project cost $95,000. Our plan is to raise funds this year and complete the renovation project from June to August next summer.

    Plan for Building renovation include:

        Remove four weight bearing columns and change them to iron beam

        Move Executive Office to the back corner, combine the current office space with the  Hall space

        Change current ceiling/pipes/lighting design, try to raise ceiling up.

        Add a storage room, remove the half walls in children’s area

        Fix holes and pave the entire parking lot.

    CCC plans to apply for government funding at all levels. At the same time, CCC calls on all people to donate to the renovation project. Donation at any amount will be appreciated. Individuals, or couples who jointly donate $500 or more can be listed on the Chinese Society s donation list and their names will remain on the wall of the Chinese Society forever.

    Company match donations are welcome too.

    To donate please click: https://www.cccalbany.org/donate.

    The online silent auction also collects various vouchers and products for everyone to choose from:


    CCC is a home for everyone who is interested in Chinese Culture and Language. Please join us, contribute to CCC Building Renovation project, and CCC will be your home!


    CCC team



    华社,即华人社区,为在美华人服务的非盈利机构。是华人们能够用自己的语言,自己的文化来团聚的地方. 华社在本地区51年,2006 年正式搬入本会址。18年来,一代一代的华人在此会址团聚并庆祝着自己的文化。

    华社在新冠之后人气快速激增,新增各种常年运行的俱乐部包括:民族舞,广场舞,太极扇数学俱乐部形体训练班,乒乓球俱乐部,书法班麻将俱乐部 ,茶艺俱乐部,合唱团,少女打鼓队青年交响乐团。加上正在壮大的京剧学校,新成立的退休俱乐部等, 一片繁荣景象。华社的龙年春晚在Egg票全部售完,参加的人有45%是非华裔,影响深远。请看视频回放:https://youtu.be/lfqGCb0cjBg


    为了更好的为大家服务,华社启动翻修工程,计划去掉大厅的四根承重柱子,木梁改换钢梁;将大厅的会长办公室移到后面的角落,给大厅腾出空间;尽量提升目前的吊顶; 去掉儿童区的半隔断;重铺凹陷有洞的停车场。工程总花费为$95,000. 计划是今年筹款,明年夏天6-8月份完成翻修工程。


    个人或夫妻共同捐款$500和以上即可上华社捐赠墙名单,永远留在华社的墙面上。也欢迎申请公司Match Donation.

    捐款请点击: https://www.cccalbany.org/donate

    请浏览华社网上义卖,收集了各种代金劵和商品供大家选择:https://www.32auctions.com/CCCBuildingRenovation. 华社也推出条件优厚的赞助商套餐,敬请各位商家垂询。





Past events

11 Feb 2024 Lunar New Year Gala Show Registration 欢迎注册2024年纽约华府春节晚会
02 Feb 2024 CCC Yang Liu Qing Lunar New Year Art Exhibition (Free but need registration) 华社杨柳青画展 (免费但需注册)
02 Dec 2023 2023 CCC Peking Opera Academy Mid-term Show (华社京剧表演)
12 Aug 2023 2023 华社夏季烧烤会邀请您
20 May 2023 Chinese Community Center 50th Anniversary
22 Jan 2023 欢迎注册2023年纽约华府春节晚会 Lunar New Year Gala Show Registration
13 Aug 2022 2022 华社夏季烧烤会邀请您
13 Feb 2022 欢迎注册2022年华社虎年春节元宵盛会 Welcome to the Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival Celebration
14 Feb 2021 2021 CCC华社和华社中文学校春节线上庆祝“牛转乾坤”活动注册
11 Aug 2019 2019 CCC Annual Picnic
15 Jun 2019 CCC Event - 10th anniversary celebration of Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library’s English as a Second Language program
07 Jun 2019 CCC Event -Dragon Boat Festival Potluck
09 Feb 2019 2019 Lunar New Year Celebration
19 Jan 2019 Young Family Program/Photo Club of CCC: Kids Photography Skills
06 Jan 2019 Young Family Program of CCC Family Seminar Series: Smarter Summer Brighter Future
01 Dec 2018 YPC/CCC 2018 Career Development Event: Career Development and Recruitment Process
11 Nov 2018 Young Family Program/CCC: Visa Status Struggle and Emotional Regulation(“ 寻找心灵的平衡点 ” 系列讲座)
30 Sep 2018 YPC/CCC 2018 Social Event NO.2: Beat the Asian Quotas: How to Maximize Asian-American Students' College Admission Opportunities
19 Aug 2018 《佛法与中国传统文化》Buddhism and Chinese Culture
18 Aug 2018 2018 CCC Summer Annual Picnic
18 Aug 2018 Register for 2018 CCC Summer Annual Picnic
28 Jun 2018 Executive Team Report 7-1-2018
02 Jun 2018 YPC/CCC 2018 Social Event NO.1: Meet with Binglin Li (Real Estate Associate Broker) and Mei Hong (Mortgage Originator)
24 Feb 2018 YPC/CCC 2018 Professional Event No.1: Mastering American Business Culture with Global Dexterity 培养全球变通力,掌握美国职场文化
18 Feb 2018 2018 Lunar New Year Celebration
15 Feb 2018 YEAR OF THE DOG - Celebrate Lunar New Year at Clifton Park YMCA
06 Oct 2017 Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
20 Aug 2017 2017 CCC Annual Picnic
04 Jun 2017 2017端午节庆典@JCC
13 May 2017 YPC/CCC 2017 Social Event NO. 4: Meet with Binglin Li (Real Estate Associate Broker) and Mei Hong (Mortgage Originator)
13 May 2017 2017 YPC-CCC Professional Event NO. 4 - 与“华中科技大学电气与电子工程学院”面对面
06 May 2017 CCC Chorus 2017 Spring Concert - Music Without Boundaries 音樂無國界
30 Apr 2017 The 10th annual CCC Badminton Open - 2017第十届华社羽毛球公开赛
23 Apr 2017 2017 YPC-CCC Professional Event NO. 3 - Meet with Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (与“中国科学院工程热物理所”面对面)
23 Apr 2017 YMCA座谈会
09 Apr 2017 CCC 8th Annual Health Fair
05 Mar 2017 2017 YPC-CCC Social Event NO. 1 - Tax Return Seminar by Frank Li (CPA and Owner of of FLI CPA, LLC)
04 Mar 2017 2017 YPC-CCC Professional Event NO. 2
05 Feb 2017 CCC/YPC Job List and Networking Event
04 Feb 2017 Amazing China: Chinese New Year Spectacular
11 Dec 2016 2016 YPC-CCC Social Event NO. 8 - Meet with Dr. Cai, Wei (Executive Business Program Manager, GE Global Research)
11 Dec 2016 2016 YPC-CCC Social Ballroom Dancing Class NO. 8
13 Nov 2016 2016 YPC-CCC Social Ballroom Dancing Class NO. 7
05 Nov 2016 Discover China: Handmade Wool Felt 手制羊毛毡
16 Oct 2016 2016 YPC-CCC Social Event NO. 7 - Meet with Dr. Huiming Bu (IBM Research Director)
16 Oct 2016 2016 YPC-CCC Social Ballroom Dancing Class NO. 6
25 Sep 2016 2016 YPC-CCC Social Event NO. 6 - Meet with Brian Wang (Attorney at Immigration Law)
25 Sep 2016 2016 YPC-CCC Social Ballroom Dancing Class NO. 5
17 Sep 2016 World War II with the Flying Tigers
13 Aug 2016 CCC Annnual Picnic
31 Jul 2016 Seminar: How to Guide Shy Kids
22 Jul 2016 2016 YPC-CCC Social Event NO. 5 - Meet w/ Dr. Xiangli Chen (GE Officer)
10 Jul 2016 2016 YPC-CCC Social Event NO. 4 - 职场关系
10 Jul 2016 2016 YPC-CCC Social Ballroom Dancing Class NO. 4
25 Jun 2016 2016 Capital Region Young Professional Career Development Symposium (CDS)

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