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Chinese Community Center of Capital District of New York

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  • CCC Building Renovation Fundraising Gala/ 华社大厅改造工程筹款晚宴

CCC Building Renovation Fundraising Gala/ 华社大厅改造工程筹款晚宴

  • 04 May 2024
  • 5:15 PM - 7:30 PM
  • 11 Avis Dr. Latham, NY
  • 39



CCC Building Renovation Fundraising Gala/ 华社大厅改造工程筹款晚宴

The Chinese Community Center (CCC) was founded in 1973, making 2024 our 51st year. CCC serves over 10,000 Chinese Americans in the Capital Region and CCC Chinese School has about 300 students each year. CCC membership is open to everyone who interested in Chinese culture and language

With its growing number of members and its ongoing activities and events, CCC needs to conduct a major building renovation that will remove the supporting columns that separate the building hall space and raise up the ceiling in certain areas, so that we can better utilize the space for the growing needs to serve more people.

The total cost of the project is currently estimated to be between $60,000 to $80,000. CCC is looking for business sponsors and generous donors to support this important project, as well as to support our mission to be one of the major multi-culture ambassadors in the Capital Region. 

CCC Year Of the Dragon Lunar New Year Show was a sold out show in the Egg, with about 45% of attendees were non-Chinese. A one minute recap of the show can be seen here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-GE_3W4fh98MhQXtXBen3HOnGCbSWRF8/view?usp=sharing

CCC serves over 10,000 Chinese Americans in the Capital Region, also works closely with other communities and organizations as a major AAPI community contributor. 

CCC will promote sponsors of this project in our CCC network and our related external networks in the Capital Region. CCC will also thank individual donors with a one of kind of event with authentic performances featuring Peking Opera and a 5 courses candle light dinner featuring delicious Asian food. 

Corporate sponsors please email us for sponsorship package.

Please consider to join us to support our building renovation project, by kindly RSVP till April 21st 2024. 

Best regards,

Wei Qin


Chinese Community Center of the Capital District of New York




华社,即华人社区,为在美华人服务的非盈利机构。是华人们能够用自己的语言,自己的文化来团聚的地方,纽约首府华社Chinese Community Center of Capital District of New York,简称CCC






华社经过多年的发展,在新冠之后人气快速激增,新增各种常年运行的俱乐部包括:民族舞,广场舞,太极扇数学俱乐部形体训练班,乒乓球俱乐部,书法班麻将俱乐部 ,茶艺俱乐部,合唱团,少女打鼓队青年交响乐团。加上正在壮大的京剧学校,新成立的退休俱乐部等, 一片繁荣景象。

除开春晚和大庆这样的大型活动,所有中小型的活动也都在华社进行,如元宵晚会,中秋晚会,志愿者联欢会等等。目前华社大厅的构造已经难以满足现有的参加活动的人数需求,需要进行结构改造工程。把隔断大厅的柱子取掉,另外该换屋顶通风空调管道,尽量加高顶高。目前预估数字是$60,000-$80,000 之间,具体数字正在估算当中。



华社工程,造福子孙后代,功德无量。也请关注华社微信公众号 “纽约首府华社”。





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